Multi-talented musician and producer based in Manchester, UK. Killer vocals, keys, and bass skills. Collaborating with renowned artists worldwide. Stay tuned for mind-blowing projects!



I am an accomplished composer, producer, sound engineer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester, UK. From a young age, my deep passion for music blossomed when I began learning the piano in my hometown of San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. It was during this time that I formed my very first band, The Lotus, in 2003.Over time, I wholeheartedly immersed myself in musical exploration, fueling a boundless passion for synthesizers. Alongside my dedication to the piano, I delved into honing my singing skills, nurturing a talent that holds a special place in my artistic arsenal. This journey of self-discovery and sonic experimentation has shaped my unique musical identity.In addition to my solo projects, I've had the privilege of collaborating with numerous artists from around the world. These collaborations have taken me to music studios and stages, allowing me to showcase my versatility as a keyboard player, vocalist, and bassist. From various genres and styles, I've had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of talented musicians, expanding my musical horizons along the way.In June 2020, my new band Shape Of Water released our highly anticipated debut album, "Great Illusions," through the esteemed American record label Eclipse Records. The album was expertly produced by Paul Reeve, known for his work on some of Muse's earliest records. Furthermore, we had the honor of collaborating with Sky Van Hoff (Rammstein), who skillfully mixed two of our singles.Building on the success of "Great Illusions," I delved deeper into the production side of my work in 2021. Notably, I produced Shape Of Water's sophomore album, "Lockdown On Mars," showcasing my versatility and growth as an artist.Continuing the trend of musical contributions, I lent my skills to a range of projects in 2022. I played a pivotal role in the releases of Vivaldi Metal Project, Sukh, Aidan Belizaire, and my band Shape Of Water. Notably, I took on the roles of producer, composer, mixing engineer, arranger, programmer, vocalist, and bass player for Shape Of Water's second album, "Amor Fati," marking a significant milestone in my career.In February 2023, I had the privilege of working on a special music project in Istanbul called Morpheus Project, alongside acclaimed artist Mustafa Khetty. This project brought together notable musicians such as Alex Hutchings (Steven Wilson) and Anton Davidyants (Virgil Donati). Our collaboration culminated in the creation of the album "On The Edge," scheduled for release in August 2023.Moreover, I had the opportunity to contribute to Lee Small's latest album, "The Last Man On Earth," released in May 2023. I showcased my talent as a keyboard player, adding a unique touch to the record.As I embark on new and exciting projects, I eagerly look forward to sharing more news in the near future. Stay tuned for what lies ahead in my ever-evolving musical journey!

Music Production / Mixing

Starchild by Shape Of Water (Amor Fati, 2022) - Production, recording, mixing, composition, vocals, bass, arrangement, synth

Overture to Highway Star by Morpheus Project and Mustafa Khetty - Production, recording, arrangement, synth, orchestration

Mars-X (Cinematic Version) by Shape Of Water (Lockdown On Mars, 2021) - Production, mixing, arrangement, vocals, synth

Zero Point by Aidan Belizaire (Zero Point, 2022) - Production, recording, mixing

Keys / Bass / Vocals / Arranging

Royal Overture by Vivaldi Metal Project (Epiclassica, 2022) - Composition, arrangement the end of reality by InnerShine (Where The Spirits Wander, 2013) - Composition, arrangement, synth

We Once Were by Sukh (Age Of Stranges, 2022) - Bass

Always Late by InnerShine (Where The Spirits Wander, 2013) - Keys, arrangement, backing vocals